Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ray-Pec Invite Information

Results from Saturday’s
competition can be found here:

This week we will run at the Ray-Pec Invitational.  The course is located behind Ray-Pec High School (20501 S. School Rd, Peculiar, MO 64078).  It is a bit of a trek, so where your walking shoes (running shoes, more like it!) This course is relatively flat and extremely fast.  It is also one of the most spectator friendly course of the season.

Here is the timeline for the day:
7:15: Arrive at Park Hill, load bus, leave
8:30: Coaches meeting
9:00: Varsity Boys
9:30: Varsity Girls (Grace, Brooklynn, Abby, Amelia, Avery)
10:00: JV Boys
10:30: JV Girls (Kayla T, Kailey, Frances, Devon, Grace M, Hannah, Marilyn, Aubrey, Molly, Carly)
11:10: Boys C team
11:40: Girls C Team  (all other team members)
12:20: Awards
1:45: Arrive at Park Hill

Pasta Party: Runyan family

Meet Treats: Thomas and Jewitt

Monday, August 28, 2017

Kris Solsberg Invitational

Get excited—we will be attending our first meet this weekend!  The meet will be at the Lake Jacomo Cross Country Course (LakeJacomo, Shelter 14 Blue Springs, MO 64015)

Here is the timeline for the morning:
(I recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your daughter’s race)

6:00                     arrive at PHHS to load the bus
6:15                     leave PHHS
7:30 AM              Coaches Meeting
8:00 AM              JV Girls 
8:45 AM              JV Boys 
9:15  AM              Varsity Girls (Grace F, Avery Bla, Abby F, Brooklynn N, Amelia P, Kayla T, Kailey W)
9:45 AM               Varsity Boys 

Awards: 25 medals for Varsity; 25 medals for JV

Cost:  $5 parking fee

Pasta Party Host:  The Grau Family 
Meet Treats: The Fette and Wallace Family 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

KC Classic Results & Conference Information

It was nice to finally get the opportunity to race in cooler, drier conditions this weekend.  It's hard to imagine that this weekend will be the last weekend the whole team races together this season.  It has been an exciting ride.  The team not only grow in size this season, we grew in goals, ability, and desire to compete and achieve our best each week.  This is definitely a special group.

Here are the results from last weekend's meet: 

Conference Meet Information
Location:  Lake Jacomo course (same spot as the first meet)
7:00 Arrive at PHHS
7:15 Leave for the meet
8:30 Coaches meeting
9:00 Freshman Girls' Race (Caroline, Avery, Molly, Abby, Derrienne, Amy, Frances, Kayla, Kailey)
10:10 Varsity Girls' Race (Meg, Madison, Tessa, Grace, Caylin, Morgan, Amelia)
11:20 JV Girls' Race (Clarissa, Juliet, Natalie, Hannah, Kat, Emma, Lilly, Kayla)
12:40 Awards
1:30 Return to PHHS

Pasta Party:  The coaches will treat the girls to dinner at Coach Sweney's house.  We will continue our Pizookie tradition!
Meet Treats:  We will use the left over treats from the season, but if anyone wants to bring fresh fruit or other snack, feel free.  It is appreciated.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Platte County, Joplin, and Smithville--Oh my!

What a week!  Three meets in six days is no joke!  The team really stepped up to the challenge!

Platte County
The Platte County Invitational provided an opportunity for many runners to run their first varsity race.  It was a tough course on a warm day, yet many were up for the challenge!  Francis came out strong and earned herself a medal in her first-ever varsity competition


Missouri Southern Stampede
The Missouri Southern Stampede was a memorable day in so many ways--from the ride down to the race to lunch and back--we all have so much to the cherish about that day.  Six of the nine runners who competed in Joplin earned personal best times: Madison and Grace both moved on the PHXC record board and Brooklyn and Avery enjoyed times at least two-minutes faster than previous races.  The team earned 12th out of 36 teams from states all over the region.  Congratulations!


Smithville Invitational
With hot temperatures and both the JV and Varsity squads entering their second races in less than a week, everyone knew this day would be a challenge.  The teams were asked to take a personal racing risk, and it paid off!  JV earned first place as a team with Avery taking 3rd place overall.  Varsity took second place with 4 runners in the top twenty (Madison, Grace, Amelia, and Meg).  Great job, team!


Kansas City Cross Country Classic
This week we will head back to the Ray-Pec Course for the Kansas City Cross Country Classic (formerly the KC Metro Invitational).  Hopefully, the course will be a little drier and the temperatures a little cooler than they were the last time we raced this course. 

Location: Ray-Pec Cross Country Course
6:00--Arrive at School
6:10--Depart School
7:30--Coach's Meeting
8:00--Girls' C Team Race, 50 medals (Molly, Maddie, Mikayla, Derrienne, Natalie, Amy, Abby, Juliette, Taylor)
9:30--Varsity Girls' Race, 50 large school medals (Madison, Tessa, Meg, Grace, Caylin, Amelia, Brooklyn, Avery)
10:30--JV Girls' Race, 45 large school medals (Morgan, Emma, Francis, Kat, Kayla T., Kailey, Hannah, Caroline, Anna, Lilly, Kayla S., Aubrey, Clarissa)
12:00--Awards for top 25 finishers in the varsity race and team trophies

Pasta Party: Amelia's Family
Meet Treats: Avery and Kailey

Monday, September 12, 2016

Ray-Pec Results, Platte and Joplin Information

Sloppy conditions on Saturday made for muddy, fun races--the true cross country experience!

We had two Varsity finishers in the top 10 with Madison K. taking 16th place and Grace F earning a 23rd place finish.  As a team we placed 7th.  In the JV race, Avery B took home 10th place.  Way to go girls!

Full Results Here

This week, we have two meets: the Platte County Invitational and the Missouri Southern Stampede.

The Platte County Invitational:
All runners will attend this meet.  The girls heading to Joplin this weekend will complete a workout and cheer for their teammates once complete.
Location:  Platte Ridge Park
2:30--Students dismissed from class.  We will leave once the bus is loaded.
3:00--MSSU runners begin workout
3:30--coaches meeting
4:10--Varsity Girls' Race (40 medals): Francis S., Emma M., Carly S., Kailey W., Kayla T., Kat M.,
5:00--JV Race (40 medals): Hannah C., Anna D., Caroline A., Lillian M., Aubrey R., Clarissa E., Kayla S., Juliet K., Taylor H., Amy G., Abby F., Natalie PR., Derrienne, Mikayla P., Molly C., Youxi
Awards to follow final race
Meet Treats:  Emma and Kat

Missouri Southern Stampede:
Location:  MSSU Cross Country Course
6:15--arrive at PHHS
6:30--Leave PHHS
9:00--arrive at MSSU
10:30--Varsity Girls Race:  Madison K., Grace F., Tessa M., Caylin R., Amelia P., Meg F., Morgan Y., Brooklyn N., Avery B.
We will depart the course after cool downs have been completed and awards are collected.  We plan to stop for lunch on the way home.
Meet Treats: Tessa and Madison

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kris Solsberg Results and Ray-Pec Invitational Info

What a great start to the season! The team came out ready to compete on Saturday, and it showed in the results!

Results for the event can be found  here.

This Saturday, the team will head south to one of the fastest courses in the area for the Ray-Pec Invitational.  

Location: Ray-Pec Cross Country Course (behind the HS)
7:30--arrive at school
10:00--Varsity 5K (Grace, Madison, Caylin, Tessa, Amelia, Morgan, Meg)
11:10--JV 5k
1:45--arrive at PHHS

Pasta Party: Hartley family
Meet Treats: Procopio-Ross and Collins Family

Thank you for supporting the team!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Kris Solsberg Invite Information

It's finally here--the first race of the season!

This Saturday, we will race in the Kris Solsberg Invitational at Lake Jacomo Blue Springs.  (Lake Jacomo, Shelter 14 Blue Springs, MO 64015)

Here is the information for the meet:
6:45 (athletes should arrive at PHHS no later than 6:40)--Bus departs
8:00--Coaches meeting
9:00--Varsity Girls 5k Race
10:15--JV Girls 5k Race
11:00--Awards (both races will award medals to the top 25 runners: 11-25 will be handed out in the chute; 1-10 announced during awards)
12:00--return to PHHS

Other Information:
Thursday's Pasta Party: The Collin's Family
Meet Treats: The Gaddis Family
Parking will cost $5

This week's Varsity Team (all other racers will run the JV race):
Madison, Tessa, Meg, Grace, Morgan, Caylin, Amelia

Ray-Pec Invite Information

Results from Saturday’s competition can be found here: This week we will run at the Ray-Pec...